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Silly RolePlay

Here I have provided examples of Semi-In Character (IOC) RolePlay (RP). IOC is hard to explain but I'll try my best. IOC is when you RP as if you were seriously Roleplaying, but in an Out Of Character setting. Out Of Character simply means that you are on the MUCK but not currently in an RP. Usually a character is OOC if he/she is just chatting. ;) Well there I tried my best to explain...these LOGS should provide a better feeling for what IOC is.
Free Cake-Scene: Bug City Square, while waiting for other character to show up for RP. Mari gets duped into marrying Reynard by Scotch's offer of bringing Chocolate cake...for free. ;D Cast: Reynard, Mari, Scotch, Grace

There are many strange relationships between MUCK players and their zombies or Puppets. On a Bug's Muck we prefer to call them Clones, Dolls, or something else. These following logs will probably not make sense or seem very scary if you've never been on A Bug's MUCK. The OOC and IC "Clones" are more like characters from our own little worlds. Welcome to the twilight zone...a place beyond time and space!
The Battle of Wits- Scene: An OOC Room. Flik Edward Ant (FEA, my MUCK "puppet") has foolishly tried to match wits with Mari on the subject of chocolate. Cast: FEA, Dave the Foley Clone (the clone of the guy who did Flik's voice. He is also the most infamous Clone on the MUCK), Tilly, Mari, Daisy.
There goes the Groom- Scene: Mari and Reynard get married, but there are some unexpected guests. Caste: Mari, Reynard (an IC puppet), FEA (an OOC Clone of Flik), Larry, Father Brian, Leon Bonapart (a spoofed character), Phillipe Bonapart, Jean-Claude Bonapart, Louis Bonapart. Note: This was done by one person and her many clones, zombies, whatevers.
Blundering Bride-Scene: Continuation of the previous log. Mari and Reynard find themselves at Reynard's old home. And Mari does something usual. ;D Cast: Mari, Reynard, Leon, Phillipe, Jean-Claude, Louis, Maple, Rosemary, Rose. Note: This is not entirely logged. I didn't have the time or the patience to RP it all out so I just wrote the rest.