Reynard waves

Scotch waves, deciding he'll wait around here for the time being. -.-

Reynard says, "'ello scary 3-armed-g'hopper!"

Scotch says, "Hello, puny French Fry." fox "Yew know I 'ate id when yew call me zat. Huh? Type 'help' for help.

Reynard says, "Yew know I 'ate id when yew call me zat"

Scotch says, "No. Really? I never would have guessed. ;P"

Reynard says, "Yew are being sarcastic aren't yew?"

Scotch says, "Me? Sarcastic? Of course not, you frog. Why would I ever -- oh, never mind. If you have to ask, you're just hopeless."

Reynard o.O "Okay...if yew say so. Yew are za criminal master mind"

Scotch says, "And don't you forget it. -.-"

Reynard says, "Yew may need to remind moi later...I 'ave a short memory span."

Scotch says, "That's fine. I'll be happy to jog your memory. Just a good kick to the head ought to do it."

Reynard says, "Zat's iz why I always wear my hat! A nice hard, spikey acorn hat."

Scotch peers at it. "Now I see. You certainly didn't pick it for its fashion statement. And here I was thinking you had bad taste."

Reynard takes off the hat and looks at it. "Id waz my wedding hat. It had a feather, but id fell off." he returns the hat to his head. "Id waz a gift from my mother"

Scotch says, "Does your mother pick out your entire wardrobe? O.o Sheesh. You're a pathetic case."

Reynard crinkles his nose at Scotch. "No! She does not! I did za cape myself. :)

Scotch says, "I thought you said your mother gave you the snot rag?"

Reynard nods "She did, but I picked it out for my wedding apparrel. So she did *not* pick out this ensemble. I did."

Scotch 9.9

Mari says, "A walking fashion statement. Dear lord"

Scotch says, "So why'd you run away if you were going to get married? Only got to see your bride's face on the day of the wedding?"

Reynard sings o/ It's just my style o/

Reynard no's "It waz an arranged marriage. Za girl already 'ad a boyfriend. My father dragged her in. It was 'er idea for me to run away. ^_^

You say, "I have the whole thing written on my site!!"

Scotch says, "Can't blame her, really."

Mari snickers

Reynard says, "I didn't like 'er either. 9.9 Too tall."

Scotch says, "They didn't make brides on the cake decorations taller than the groom, huh?"

Reynard says, "My father really didn't like me...he didn't give me a cake. ;.;"

Scotch O.o "Okay."

Mari says, "I'd run from my wedding if there was no cake!! I need cake. Chocolate!"

Mari says, "Hint Hint Ray."

Reynard does not understand Mari's message. "I don't 'ave a cake with moi. Zorry."

Scotch says, "That's the only reason most people attend weddings these days: free food."

Mari says, "I would! And I like to dress up all pretty. ^_^ And I love dancing!! If there is any."

Reynard isn't fond of big weddings. "I don't do well under pressure"

Mari mumbles "Obviously. Great job with Tilly and Reeda! Mr. Charming.

Scotch hmmms. >:)

Reynard groans "Yew 'ad to bring zat up!! She's shust nuts!

Grace pushes Reynard's pressure point. Just cuz she finds him irrating

Scotch snaps out of his evil face momentarily. O.o

Reynard eeps and smacks Grace's hand. "Don't do zat!"

Reynard is scared now

Scotch hms. "Mari, I tell you what: I'll give you all the chocolate cake you want if you and Reynard invite every single person on the muck to your wedding." ;)

Mari OOOOOss! "Really you'd do that!"

Scotch says, "Of course. My only other condition is that you have to marry Reynard."

Reynard eeks "No! No big wedding! We're not even engaged!

Mari:P "consider us engaged Ray!

Scotch says, "Don't be such a spoilsport. What good's a wedding without all the trapping? >:)"

Reynard panics "Zis iz 'appening too quickly!! I mean I don't even know yew ICly.

Grace enjoys watching the prick suffer

Scotch says, "Well, that's what the honeymoon is for, right? ^.^"

Reynard acks!! "But but but..."

Mari frowns "Come on Ray. Cruize and Daisy are married! Iocly. ^_^

Scotch says, "Yeah. Go on and have the big, expensive wedding already."

Reynard's face goes blank. "S-she iz MARRIED!!?? S-she never told moi! And I flirted with 'er! ;.;" Reynard sniffles and gets upset.

Scotch, content with Reynard's emotional distress, takes this time to leave. ;) *waves!*

Mari oops..."What hang on! Don't you love me!!?" *Disney eyes* *Anime eyes the works*

Mari says, "bye"

Reynard is relieved that Scotch goes. "Au Revoir

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