Tilly ehs? "That so?" ;D

FEA frowns change is bad, hershey's is unchanged since who knows!

Mari kicks her pc

Tilly says, "Maybe you should restart. :P"

Mari kicks her pc

Mari did several times

Tilly eghs.

Mari:P it's better now! ;)

Tilly hees.

Mari says, "FEA's gone on a chocolate philosophy ^.^ It's perdy good so far"

Tilly ohs...chocolate. O.O

FEA nodnods

Dave enjoys the green M&M's. ^.^

FEA gets on his bench with his box of chocolates

FEA says, "Life is like a box of chocolates...tastes good but comes to kick ya in the butt later!"

Tilly uh huhs....o.o

Mari snatches the green M&M and stares at it critically..."Ah...we are all like M&Ms, we are all different colors but have to live in the same brown bag...-.-"

FEA grrs "that's my line!

Tilly hee's! Now THAT'S a good one!

FEA grrs louder! "Hey! I'm the all knowing chocolate philosopher! YOu shall be punished Mortal! >=O

Mari eeeks!

FEA challenges Mari to a battle of wits! O.O

Mari accepts! >=)

FEA begins "chocolate is good for the mind and soul...not neccesarily for the hips and heart! >;)

Dave and Tilly watch curiously.

Mari hmms and ponders...>.O

Mari says, "There's always a DARK side to chocolate"

FEA groans "That was good

Tilly hmmms to Dave with a clipboard. "I think I prefer Mari's saying yet again. Much more philosophical, no?"

Mari agrees! ;)

FEA doesn't!

Dave scribbles on the clipboard and agrees. "Quite, quite...while FEA's sayings simply seem to reiterate the same messege...yes, chocolate makes you fat. We get it." He holds up the clipboard, which reads a big "9.8" for Mari.

FEA burns to think of another saying..."ummmm...Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker!

Mari grins "We are all coocoo for Coacoa puffs ;D

Mari ^.^

FEA >.<

Tilly responds, "A battle of the wits means using your own, not Mr. Wonka's. Mari quotes more cleverly...she wins again!"

Dave nods. ^.^

FEA =P and thinks again...-.O "Chocolate is a girl's best friend

Mari oooos! How true...for me anyway!

Mari says, "The quickest way to a child's heart is through his chocolate intake. ;)"

FEA beams!

Tilly tsks, "Well, chocolate isn't my friend. My best friend's right here." She points to Dave. "Therefore, FEA's saying isn't even true...and it's stereotypical. How very rude! Most children enjoy chocolate, on the other hand. Score another for Mari." ^.^

Dave keeps score... Mari=3. FEA=0. :)

FEA thinks Tilly only doesn't score him 'cuz she likes Mari better ^.^

Tilly says, "Not true...I'm completely disinterested. ;P"

FEA hmps! sure ya are!

Tilly hehs, "I simply don't like it when boys think they can generalize the female species. ;) Continue your battle o' wits."

Mari simply grins! ^.^

FEA grumbles and finds another saying..."chocolate it makes the world get round

Mari heehees

Mari says, "the world would be sweeter if we were more like a hershey bar!"

Tilly ooos at this one. "Tough match." o.o

FEA finally grins!

Mari wishes she logged this! This was perdy profound on my part! >.<

Dave and Tilly consult each other in conspiring whispers. Occasionally they pause and glance psychotically over at Mari and FEA.

Mari whistles a happy tune!

FEA desperately thinks of another saying...oooooo! >.<

Tilly ahems and turns back to the two contestants. "Well, although I'm a little turned off by FEA's persistent 'Chocolate make you go fat, ha ha ha' mentality, we both decided that his was more clever. One point to FEA!"

FEA aha! Nyah nyah!

Mari smiles smugly!

Dave's scoreboard reads: Mari=3 FEA=1

FEA ahems "With mouths full of chocolates, everyone can go to the moon!

Dave adopts a confused expression.

Tilly stares at FEA... "Wha...?"

FEA grins "Only the hyper understand this one! ;)

Mari heehees I got it!

Mari says, "not!"

Mari says, ":D"

Mari says, "Chocolate...is the flavor for the vanilla ice cream of life"

Tilly ahhhs..."More philosophy. Deeeeep." ^.^

Tilly says, "Definitely Mari!"

Mari yeses! and Viccy dances!

Dave adds it to the count: Mari=4 FEA=1 ^.^

FEA hmmmms "a Chocolate in your mouth is worth two in your hands"

Mari says, "To -some-...the lack of chocolate burns the heart like taco beans -.-"

Tilly blinkies..."I'm not sure I understand FEA's...does it also pertain to the idea that chocolate makes you fat?" O.o

FEA shakes his head "No not really, wasn't my intention

Dave just gasps. "It DOES?" :O

FEA says, "I'm just saying it tastes better than it looks!"

Mari says, "Dude! You are no match for my awesome chinese fortune cookie mind! ^.^"

Tilly peers at Dave. "*Yeah!*"

Dave was just kidding. ^.^

Daisy waves!

Mari says, "DAISY!!!!!!"

Daisy says, "MARI!!!!!!!!"

Tilly hmms..."Mari's makes much more sense...do you agree?"

Dave says, "Well, taco beans do burn."

Mari says, "to -some- they burn in the heart others they burn in the ummmm Mari points to her abdomin"

Tilly says, "We choose Mari again! And if she had used the fortune cookie line, it would have won, too! :D"

Mari ha's! I win!

Dave adds it to the scoreboard..."Ah, there we go." He holds it up. Mari=5 FEA=1 :)

FEA grumblegrumbles and forfeits!

Tilly says, "Nope. Can't forfeit."

Mari patpats and hugs FEA

Tilly waves her hand grandly, "Continue, but try harder, FEA!"

FEA hrms and thinks hard..."Behold the Power of cheesE!

Mari aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhs! and runs for her life! "I hate cheese!"

Dave points at the running Mari, "Well, there's the power of cheese right there."

FEA chuckles evilly >;)

Tilly hmms, "Mari, your go."

Mari has ran to the hills! O.O

Tilly says, "Has *run*. Say your saying!"

Mari shouts from afar "Chocolate is the comfort of the burning heart ache!

Dave hmmmmmmms.

Tilly scratches her head. "Huh."

Dave and Tilly take to consulting each other again in whispers.

Daisy has arrived.

Mari waves

Daisy wavers.

FEA waves and thinks of another chocolate saying

FEA has got one!

Tilly turns around, "Well, FEA, you've got this point-- you provided a refreshing subject change. ;) But somewhat reluctantly, because I said TRY harder, not THINK harder back to (pardon the pun) cheesy commercial lines. Nevertheless, the point is FEA's."

FEA hees and has a better one ;)

Dave works on updating the score and remarks, "I'm rather talented at this, aren't I?" ;) He holds up the scoreboard: Mari=5 FEA=2

FEA says, "It is easier to break a brick than a chocolate bar...I mean that's a waste of good chocolate!"

Mari says, "yes Dave good job!"

Dave says, "Thank yew. ^.^"

Mari says, "chocolate is life's way of saying "I love you""

Daisy grinners.

Mari says, "or your boyfriends ;D"

Mari grins

Daisy says, "Only on Valentine's day...unless you're saying you're cute when chunky..."

Mari is slammed! O.O Dude!!! that's a good one!

Tilly hees!

FEA beams at Daisy...whom he plans to get on V-day. ;)

FEA winks at Daisy and slips his arm around her shoulders "hey there sweetie!"

Mari says, "Oh dear me not again!"

Mari eeps and has to go perdy soon! ;P

Daisy giggles.

Tilly bangs a gavel that's just appeared out of nowhere, "EXCUSE ME, SIR! Do not flirt with the audience, thank you very much!"

Daisy oohs.

Daisy awwwws at Tilly.

Daisy says, "Someone change the rules ;)"

FEA eeps and =P at Tilly! He continues to snuggle Daisy

Daisy snuggles back.

Tilly c.c

Mari makes her eyes as big as the power puff girls and they begin to water

Tilly ahehs. "Okay....FEA gets the point. Hard choice, though."

Dave adjusts the scoreboard with a dramatic flair...seeing as he is so talented at it and all: Mari=5 FEA=3

Mari says, "Chocolate soaks the tears of the lonely ;.;"

FEA hmmms whilst he thinks "Chocolate is the more dear than the honey...'cuz honey is too sticky.

Tilly says, "Was that your saying, Mari?"

Mari's eyes burst with tears that shoot out like geysers!

Daisy giggles.

Daisy gets blue pom-poms and cheers for FEA

Mari nods and sniffles

Tilly peers at Mari..."Seems this one is suffering from Pokemon-Cry-itus." o.o

Mari is running out of clever ideas and starts to resort to the 'just plain stupid' categories

Dave likes the visual imagery provided by Mari's saying. ;D

Mari blows her nose and thanks Dave for his compassion

Tilly yeahs..."C'mon, people, let's be clever! Point goes to Mari."

FEA tickles Daisy

Daisy giggles.

Dave sits there humming quietly..."Oh, me?" *grin* He adjusts the scoreboard (and feels more alive each time he does): Mari=6 FEA=3

Mari says, "A cup of hot chocolate rekindles the warm glow of one's youth...it's the 2nd best part of waking up ;)"

FEA hrms and whispers to Daisy for help! >.<

[[This is where Tilly's mom pulls the plug, thus disconnecting her. >:( Upon reconnection: ]]

Mari says, "will go flirt with Mazin if she needs to!"


Tilly coughs! "Where were we?"

FEA gasps! "That jerk! He's worse than cruize!

The final score :Mari=1 FEA=100!

Daisy ahems...

Tilly eerss....okay, "FEA give yours fast. We got Mari's hot cocoa one."

Mari o.O at Daisy

FEA says, "Chocolate brings the best of times but the worst of diets ^.^ heehee"

Mari humphs! And will make Fliky sleep in the doghouse!

Daisy giggles.

FEA eeps not again!

Tilly waves! "And, er, we like FEA's better."

Mari says, "Okay. i win anywho!"

Dave shows the final score: Mari=7 FEA=3


Dave erps. "That's wrong." ;P

Dave shows the final score: Mari=6 FEA=4

Tilly says, "You still win. ;D"

Mari says, "Losing your touch there Dave!" Dave dangs! "And I was so in the zone."

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