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There goes the Groom

*Reynard tugs at Mari. "Get ready. Quick. Wedding in a few moments." He smiles excitedly.

+Mari nods eagerly. "Where will it be?" *Reynard says, "In the OOC Room of your place. Okay?"

+Mari okays and scampers to her room to get ready!

Mari's Chamber OOC room It's a MUSHroom. Get it? LOL. err...well this is actually a MUCK...but we can pretend! ^_^ Really this is Mari's Paradise! It's a steamy dancing club place with bamboo walls and a thatched roof. Kinda like a hut! There's a big dance floor with lighting, disco ball, live DJ that looks like a blue alien in a green disco suit. o.O Over in the corner is a snack bar where you can get soda, water, candy, the works. Everything is served to you by a happy...flamingo? Hey what does this button do? Why not 'push' it?

+Mari enters, with Reynard walking along next to her.

Daisy dress A nice white dress made from Daisy petals to serve as a nice gown. ^_^ Her comes the bride!

+Mari pulls on the Dress. Mari is ready...where's the priest?

-Father Brian. A surprisingly young looking Catholic Priest ant. Grey with blue eyes and dressed in traditional black.

Larry becomes the witness to Mari's wedding

*Reynard waves, as Flik Edwards is kind enough to be the best man. ^_^

-Father Brian opens the book as Mari and Reynard take they're places in front of him and the makeshift tabernacle. He commences the wedding service.

Larry lazily watches the service. -.- ZZZZZ

*Reynard shivers nervously and tenses up. He becomes stiff as a board and all sweaty. This is big.

+Mari becomes nervous and jittery as well. I hope this is right....

-Father Brian starts a mass while the ants take their seats.

Larry reads the first and second readings. The first being Genesis and the creation of Man & Woman. The second, being Paul's letter to the Romans about love being patient and kind. Fr. Brian Reads the Gospel story of the Wedding at Cana. Typical. Communion is observed and then come the vows...Dum dum dum!

+Mari kneels with Reynard at the podium provided. Incredibly scared of what was happening! "Oh man...what am I doing?" passes through her mind a million times. A million prayers are cast heavenward as well.

*Reynard tries his best to remain calm for Mari, he can tell she's tense, but so is he.

+Mari tries to listen to the vows the priest recites. "Do I, do I, do I really?" she thinks. "Of course you do. You must be certain! You must make this marriage last! You know Reynard is generous and nice. You've know him for 4 months now".

-Fr. Brian asks Mari "Do you Mari DeRoot, take Reynard to be your lawful wedded husband in sickness and health, for richer or for poorer, in good times and in bad, until death do you part?"

+Mari blinks, side glances at Reynard's tight face. His eyes are full of anxiety, obviously wondering if she'll say "yes" or "I will" rather. He looks like a little puppy. "I will," Mari finally responds. Fr. Brian says, "Then do you Reynard Francois Bonapart, take Mari DeRoot to be your lawful wedded wife, in sickness and health, for richer or for poorer, in good times and bad until Death do you part?"

*Reynard takes a deep breathe and in a deep, accented voice answers "I will, with all my 'eart!"

-Fr. Brian asks the couple to exchange rings.

FEA recognizes his cue. He hops outta the seat and retrieves the wedding band for Reynard.

*Reynard takes the ring from FEA and holds Mari's hand and repeats the vow. "Please accept this ring as a symbol of my fidelity to you". He slips the ring onto Mari's finger.

+Mari smiles as the ring goes on, and takes her ring for Reynard from her brother. "Please accept this ring as a symbol of MY faithfulness to you". She repeats and likewise puts it on Reynard.

-Fr. Brian grins and says happily, "With the power invested in me, I pronounce you Ant and wife. You may kiss the bride."

*Reynard grins sheepishly as he faces Mari and they kiss briefly. Sealing the deal.

+Mari blushes at the kiss.

-Fr. Brian closes the mass and the ceremony is finished. He congratulates the new couple and goes to do some other wedding. 9.9 FEA blows his nose and cries. Darn weddings make him cry. ;.;

*Reynard proudly marches with Mari to the seats and shakes hands with FEA and Larry thanking them for coming.

+Mari thanks her brother and best friend too. Giving FEA a big hug and a little kiss.

*Reynard takes Mari outside the to the center of Ant Island. Just to have a private chat.

Center of Ant Island You come to the center of the island. This is a large clearing with the anthill mound nearby. There is also a banquet to one side, the tree to another and the offering stone. On a sunny day in the summer you can usually see a line of ant coming through here with all kinds of food.

+Mari smiles at Reynard...she's married! ^_^ "I don't know what to say!" she says with little tears in her eyes. "I've never been kissed before."

*Reynard gentle pats Mari and offers her a seat nearby. As they sit he starts a conversation. "I em so 'appy I found yew. ^_^ We 'ave alot in common. Now I cen stop my search and I don't 'ave to be afraid of being found." He smiles widely and squeezes Mari's hand. "Merci Ma Cherie."

Just as the couple starts getting comfortable and settling down. Four huge ants march from outta nowhere! Their faces are grim and focused on the two. "Reynard!" barks the largest of them.

*Reynard's eyes widen and look towards the voice. "Sacre Bleu! Zey found moi! 'Ow?" he mutters but then leaps to his feet and stands like a soldier. "Sir!" he barks.