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Cecae (who?) sighs. She lost the group again. Now she is separated and on her own. No matter, what better way to prepare for battle? Cecae takes note of the shape of another of her kind. She doesn't recognize he or she...Cecae tenses to defend herself

Maize(who?) zips by as fast as she can. " I must get in line and wait...or was it get in line for bait...or was I supposed to get in line at all?" Maize, the ever so 'pest'imisstic one, tries to remember her exact orders. "No... I'm quite sure it had to do with a- um...did I forget that too?" She shakes her head and lands on the ground. "Oh, I'm gonna get in trouble over this one..."

Cecae hides herself in the shadows of the grass. Her brown eyes focussed on the newcomer. She observes the nervous specimen oddly, as she appears to be fretting about something.

Maize walks around in circles for a bit. "Or...maybe it was about...sweets? No! I'm sure it had something to do with a line...or twine? Maybe it was a Wait..." The bug still doesn't seem to notice Cecae yet, as she is weed up in her problems.

Cecae observes the other chattering away. She overhears some of her gibbering. "Line? Twine?" she whispers. It reminds her of nothing. Slowly and cautiously, she emerges from the shadows and into the sunlight

Maize sighs and thinks a moment as she jitters. "Perhaps it had to do with a pine? No! I'm sure it was wait in a line...I believe...I hope...if my memory suits me right..." And, yes, she is still too into her thoughts to notice the other. "Oh! I'll get in trouble for this one! Oh! What a world! What a nice way to get yelled at!"

Cecae tries to gather what this insect's problem is as the latter continues to be oblivious. Is this someone from her hive? Surely Cecae has not noticed her before. Silently, she continues her approach the other. Eyes targeted on her


You see a regular yellow jacket. That's right, just regular. Black with yellow stripes on her abdomen. Yellow arms and legs. A sharp looking stinger on the end of her abdomen. And, her greatest love, her wings. Her wings sort of shimmer as she flies, not many bugs can fly, and this she likes. But, other then that, she's got a low self esteem, though. If she gets yelled at she feels real low. She's used to being called a piece of nothing or a good for nothing, or something that has to do with a nothing. Which she thinks is what she is. A nothing yellow jacket that does whatever her queen tells her to.


A lovely, long-legged Yellow jacket with dark brown Spanish eyes adorn with long alluring lashes. She has stringy, limbs and powerful build. Somewhere in her late teens and with a spirit of fire. She is unpredictable, swift and silent. Cecae doesn't say much, but when she does say something you better listen!

Maize turns from going around in circles to pacing back and forth. "Perhaps I was right. It was a line. I had to go to a line. Right. I knew that." She smiled as if she'd figured it out the easiest way. "But, since I can't go back and ask...might as well make the most of this..." She began walking straight ahead, until she tripped over a rock. "Ow." She muttered. "Okay...I'll go this way," she said. And that's when she saw Cecae.

Cecae freezes! Now that the other bug has noticed her! She blinks for moment, keeping her mouth sealed shut. Bent over slightly, because she was 'creeping' along, Cecae looks short and harmless. Her grip on her twig tightens as she waits for the other clumsy bug to respond first.

Maize blinks at the other yellow jacket. "Hello! I'm your friendly servant from my colony, just flying by on my duties! So uh...don't mind me..." She's afraid that maybe this stranger may try to hurt her, and would like to get away from the danger ASAP.

Cecae is startled at first by Maize's announcement. She stands erect now, reaching her full height. This obviously was just some mindless worker or something. Cecae notes the panic in the other...she smiles at this. It's always good to have someone be afraid of you. "Who do you serve?" Cecae barks, in a soft voice with a slight accent.

Maize looks around. "Uh...well, I'm not quite sure if I can tell you but..." she scratches her head for a moment. " Vexia...she um...well not she HERSELF, but one of her royal councils told someone, and that someone told someone, and that someone told a head yj that I had to" she scratches her head again and finishes. "Do something." She smiles proudly thinking that that went well.

Cecae recognizes that queen's's is her own beloved queen, whom Cecae serves as well. Calmly, Cecae leans on her twig staff. "You don't need afraid of me. I serve her majesty Vexia too." she calmly responds to the other's outburst. "I am"

Maize clears her throat. "Well..." she thinks for a moment, but since she tried to convince herself that this person as no danger to her she nodded at her. "How do you do C-Cecae. I'm Maize."

"Maize..." Cecae repeats for memory. "It's good to meeting you here. I have lost the colony. They were traveling after the 'accident' you know. I got separated in the city. I am glad I find you! What are you doing here?" She asks all of a sudden feeling friendly.

Maize ums. "I came because someone told me to go to a line," she says. There's a great chance someone probably said this to get her away from the rest of the yj's. But, if so, she wouldn't know because she's not that clever. "'m afraid I don't know where the group is either...but...I can sure try to help!" She said, happily, the thing she had to do not really in the front of her mind.

Cecae is relieved that Maize is from her own colony, but her face falls as she says she doesn't know where the colony is. "That's not good. Well, we are stuck here until we find them eh friend?"

Maize looks at Cecae with a wide smile. "F-friend?" She takes this into consideration. She runs this through her mind for a moment 'Cecae, called me a friend.' She let out a giggle. "Yeah..." but then her eyes widened. "Well...uh I guess that IS a"

Cecae nods a serious problem. "Yes...even though we're a strong species. Get us alone and we're vulnerable!" Cecae grits her teeth. "But travel in pairs, that's safer, no?"

Maize nods. "I suppose so. Two heads are better than one...or is it three...or is it they *aren't* better?'re right...let me see..." Maize, the ever helpful yj that she is, hops up into the air and looks around. "Hmm... lessee..."

After a moment, Cecae uses her staff to pole vault herself into the air as well. Scanning the surrounding area with sharp eyes...nothing. Nothing but grass and clover tops.