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My Alternative Muck Characters

Mari the great!

Ah...this is me as my ant character Mari. Mari is a slim attractive little bug with big brown eyes and a big mouth! She is shy to strangers, but never stops talking to friends. :) She is about 16 years old and very sensitive. Her emotions tend to run a bit wild and swing unexpectedly. Often one will find her crying about something! She is also very stubborn to her beliefs about life and herself, but she can be easily persuaded into doing something stupid. ahhh yes, naive little Mari, a grand character indeed. Her favorite hobbies are drawing, dancing, singing, and daydreaming. .
Grace the ant

This is me as my character Grace. Grace is a 16-year-old ant from bug City. She's a tall, dark, and mysterious which makes her quite attractive and desirable. She has bright blue eyes and a sunny disposition. A commanding air surrounds her, she knows how to survive. A gang killed both her parents when she was 12 and she was raised in a monestary near the city. There she learned good morals, etique, and charm and she uses these often. Her hobbies are fencing, fist fighting, singing, and doing odd jobs to help others.
Cecae, the bee

This is my first non-ant character Cecae, the yellow jacket. ^.^ Cecae is about 18 years old and is from a recently homeless colony. She's a vicious fighter and very skilled at combat. Her looks would say otherwise, she is a tall, shapely bee with brown Spanish eyes that have their own glint. She is very quiet and doesn't say much, but when she speaks it is usually important. She is very loyal and patriotic to her queen, Vexia. A deadly specimen Cecae is..."bee" careful! LOL! Her hobbies are sword fighting, hand-to-hand combat, flying, and Latin dancing.

This is my first Feature Character, Reeda, the retired queen of Ant Island. Reeda is an elderly purple ant with big blue eyes and a happy grin. She has a pleasant personality and is very experienced. However, she rather enjoys this retirement as queen, now she has more time to relax! Except for the fact that her daughter Atta still needs advice from time to time. ;) Wally, my fave! Here's my favorite character of mine, Wally the ant! Actually he's just a spoof character, meaning he's just an object. But he's sooo fun! Wally is 9 and has a lot of spirit which gets him into trouble a lot! ^.^ He is usually very curt and rude, finding something to tease about in everyone. But he has been recently orphaned, it's only his way of trying to distract himself from the fact he has no parents. :( New favorite!! This is Reynard the new bug on the block! He's the really smooth, stuck-up, proud French drone ant. Drone means he's got wings. ;) He's really cute and Mari's husband (ICly). He is a French noble who ran away from an arranged marriage. Reynard or Ray for short, is paranoid about his father finding him. His talents are fencing, tracking and hunting with his faithful aphid, Champ. And hey! Did you know that Reynard is a legend?? REALLY, he was partially inspired by an ancient French Folk Tale called Reynard the Fox. A timeless tale, I urge you to go to This site and find out more about this famous figure. ;D