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Daisy's Characters
Daisy the ant

This is my best friend's character Daisy, who happens to be Mari's best friend too. ^.^ Daisy is an 18 year old ant with blue eyes and exoskeleton. Daisy has a freckled face and ribbons in her antennae. Usually she feels left out and ignored, however now she is very vital to a search for her new friend Cruize. ;) She is shy and doesn't say much at all, except to close friends. Her hobbies are writing and daydreaming. Daisy's site is Daisy's Anthill This is Maize the yellow jacket. (I do not have much info on Maize right now, but stay tuned!)

Aphie Aphie!! that cute little green puppy on the movie! yes this is Daisy's Feature Character. Aphie is a hyper little aphid that belongs to Reeda the queen. ^.^

RocketRocket is Daisy's younger brother and Grace's boyfriend. After his parents died, Rocket left his sister and grew up on his own in the city. There he became rude, tough, and rough like many of the City's citizens. Rocket is only his nickname...he doesn't remember his real one. Rocket is your typical blue eyed, blue exoskeletoned ant. He always wears a bandana on his head and a scar streaks his face. He got the scar in a fight against an antlion.