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Serious RolePlay

RolePlay is often abbreviated RP. ;D These are examples of RP's I have done with my friends on A BUG'S MUCK. If you are confused about the characters and who they are, I have them listed in the F.L.I.K. section.
Cecae meets Maize- A very simple RP where one character meets another. Scene: Entrance of Bug City Cast: Cecae, Maize
More about Maize and Cecae- Another simple RP where we learn a bit more about these two bees.
Mari's Return- A complecated RP that prolly won't make much sense unless you have read all the previous RPs preceeding this one. But this is only to serve as an example of a RP with multiple characters. Scene: Bug City Square Cast: Cruize, Daisy, Grace, Rocket, Wally, Reynard, Scotch, Anshu, Sarab, Mari, Champ.