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Hi! Here is the first chapter of my fanfiction about A Bug's Life: Manny's history and how did he became a wizard THE ONE AND ONLY
Manny's History

by Cristina "Ax"

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CHAPTER ONE: in the town

Manny looked around himself, surprised. The city was as strange as he couldn’t believe. His mother told him it was a totally different world, but Manny never saw so many bugs before. While he looked around with surprise, he felt a bit sad thinking back to his native home. He always lived near the clear brook with his mother and his sister... "obiouvsly" he didn’t know who his father was, just as every other mantis ever born. However, he, Summercloud his mother and Skywing his sister had been a totally happy family since Skywing too left for searching a mate. And Manny wanted a work - a true work. So nothing was better than the city. But the city was so big. So strange.

For the surprise, he almost crashed against two bugs who were coming.

"Oops... sorry I didn’t see you..." he started, then his eyes opened wide as he realised they were two mantises, a male and a female.

"You could me more careful when you walk..." the male started, then he stared at Manny. "Uhm... are you new from here aren’t you? I don’t believe we never saw you before."

"I either don’t believe..." the female giggled. "It’s difficult to forget a such charming face"

"IronHeart shut up." the male growled, then turning to Manny: "So are you a newcomer?" "Yes I’m." Manny said while standing up. "My name’s Manny. I just came from... ehm... quite far."

"Oh yeah?" the male smiled with a smile that remembered a grin. "Welcome here Manny. I’m Grodon and this is my fiancée IronHeart." he said while squeezing Manny’s hand.

"Nice to meet you." IronHeart said with a wink.

"We’re going at the cafe. Do you come with us?" Grodon asked. Manny nodded, surprised.

"Y... yes but..." he started.

"All right!" Grodon laughed leading both Manny and IronHeart to the bar. "Barman, three beers at table number twenty!" he ordered with decision after sitting down.

Manny looked around.

"Grodon do you know if there’s the possibility to find a job here in the city?"

Grodon raised an eyebrow.

"A job?" he said. "Yes I think. But for one that just arrived from the country, probably will be difficult. However I’ll see if I can help you." he nodded.

"Truely?" Manny’s eyes opened wide. "Thanks Grodon... you’re a true friend..."

Grodon nodded.

"This is the city, Manny. If you’re alone, you’re lose here." he replied.

Manny looked around at the many bugs who were in the circus. His attention was caught by a character who was sat near the door. He was a butterfly’s male, with dark violet wings, a long white beard, and blue eyes. He was sat with the most wonderful butterfly Manny never saw and the two of them were speaking.

"Grodon do you know him?" Manny asked pointing at the old one.

"I know everyone here. Who are you speaking about?" Grodon stood up. "Oh, do you mean Howard the moth? He’s an old magician who comes from the Fog’s Land. He worked for long with his daughter Gypsy and his wife Amelia. Last winter Amelia is dead and from then Howard closed his acts. It’s a pity. He was quite good for a magician. He could be rich."

"Judging from Gypsy I wouldn’t tell." IronHeart said with a grin. "That girl is too stupid, quiet, and shy... just as Amelia was before her."

Grodon growled.

"IronHeart! I said you to don’t tell about Howard’s family!"

"Why?" IronHeart nodded. "He seems so important for you beloved..."

"I just told you Howard saved my life in war. He’s a friend of mine so you haven’t the right to tell his daughter, or his wife, are stupid. Clear enough?"

"As you want..." IronHeart yawned. Manny looked around, still curious, when a kick opened the door and mostly bugs turned. Three beetles who seemed strong and extremely unfriendly entered in the cafe with evil grins on their faces. Manny realised Grodon was growling deep in his throat.

"Who are they?" he asked surprised.

"Gaze and his band." Grodon replied. "Stay far from them and you’ll be safe. Those guys are extremely unfriendly and very, very evil."

One of the beatles looked at Manny and said something to the bigger one, who was probably Gaze. Gaze stared first at Manny, then at Grodon, and nodded.

"Fortunately he didn’t come." Grodon hissed. "If Gaze’s friends would try to approach too much, I take his head and use it for a football match. Manny do as if they aren’t here and all will be well."

Manny looked confuse at Gaze’s band. The three approached to the table where Howard and his daughter were.

"Hey old flea! Gaze wants this table! Go away!" one of them growled. Howard didn’t reply and followed speaking with his daughter.

"And as I told to you, Gypsy..." he started.

"Hey, have you heard what Scar Eye said?" another beatle growled. Howard turned with a grin.

"I’m sorry, Lord Gaze, but we were at this table before of you. Look for another one." he said.

"Oh, the old magician still believes to be the chief here?" Gaze laughed. The moment later, the one called Scar Eye kicked with force Howard’s chair and the old moth fell on the ground with table and all while the three of them laughed. His daughter quickly jumped to him trying to help him standing up.

"Father do as they tell I pray you.." she said scared.

"Don’t worry Gypsy, I still can fight against that dirty bugs by myself." Howard growled.

"Answer isn’t correct, old one! If I say you to leave that table, it means you MUST leave that table!" Gaze growled as he gave a kick to Howard who was trying to stand up. The old one fell again but the moment later Manny jumped up and threw his chair against Gaze missing him for a few.

"Why don’t you speak of this with someone as big as you?" he said.

"Manny! Don’t be stupid!" Grodon tried to keep him for an arm but Manny approached to Gaze and pushed him apart.

"Look here! A newcomer!" Gaze grinned evilly. "A b-b-b-b-brave h-h-h-h-hero who’s recently arrived in the c-c-c-c-city! Return at home youth if you don’t want to lose that brainless small head of yours!"

"I didn’t came for receive orders from you dirty one!" Manny growled. "Courage, what you’re waiting to fight? Or maybe you don’t have the courage?"

"What... did you said?" Gaze’s eyes shined.

"COWARD!" Manny shouted.

"You dared too much youth one." Gaze said. As he charged Manny, a strong hand fell on his shoulder and turned him. Grodon was staring at them and seemed quite angry.

"Are you trying to hit my friend, Grodon?" he asked. For a moment, the strong mantis and the powerful beatle looked at each other, snarling. Then, Grodon turned to his friends.

"Scar Eye, Mug, let’s leave this cafe of stupid bugs. Surely we’ll find a very better place." he said before exiting, followed by the others two.

"Thanks Grodon." Manny said to the bigger mantis.

"Nothing to care about. Only, try to don’t repeat it when I am not around or will be troubles." Grodon nodded. Manny turned to Howard and Gypsy while Grodon came back to IronHeart.

"You’re all right I hope?" he asked helping the old one to stand up.

"Y.. yes, I think." Howard said. "Thanks for helping us."

Gypsy smiled gently to Manny.

"Yes, thanks." she said

"Don’t care about it." Manny nodded.

"Who are you, young friend? I never saw you before." Howard observed.

"Yes, it’s true. My name’s Manny. I come from the country." Manny said.

"I’m Howard, and this is my daughter, Gypsy." Howard replied.

"You were a magician, weren’t you? Grodon told me about."

"Ah, Grodon, the cadet I saved in war." Howard smiled.

"Is it true? Were you a magician?" Manny asked, interested.

"Once. Long time ago." Howard replied.

"And you, Gypsy?" Manny asked turning to the moth.

"I helped father with his magic acts. I miss that life so much." Gypsy sighed.

"I’m so sorry I never have been the father you wishes, Gypsy. Also after Amelia..." Howard nodded and his voice left. Manny realised he was thinking back to his deceased mate

"Well." he said. "Goodbye Howard and Gypsy. See you soon." he replied.

"Bye Manny." Gypsy said. When she raised her eyes, for a moment they truely looked each other. Manny never saw such beautiful violet eyes.

"Manny? What are you doing?" IronHeart called from the other table.

"Ops... I’m coming." Manny said. When he turned, Gypsy wasn’t anymore looking at him. With a sigh, he came back to Grodon and IronHeart.

"You’ve been cool!" IronHeart said giggling. "Nobody would challenge Gaze... except Grodon of course."

"What are you saying? I don’t want to challenge him." Manny said.

"Well however you’ve been really very cool, Manny." Grodon said. "But be careful with Gaze. He can be quite boring. And dangerous. But let’s speak of your job shall we?"

While Grodon spoke, Manny didn’t listen to him. He was still wondering if he acted well. When he left, all the young mantises said he was a failed, he couldn’t find work so easily, he was destined to fail. And maybe he acted as a stupid fighting against Gaze. As far as he knew, that beatles seemed quite powerful in that habitat - at least from the fear everyone had for them. He felt angry thinking he did all wrong. But then the anger left the place to another stronger feeling.

She was beautiful. She was so beautiful.

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