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Look at all the storiesFanfiction This is a collection of Fanfictions. Stories written by the fans of moi! ;) It's a small collection here, but I'm waiting for more! (doesn't this background make you sick?)
ABL2 A Great Fanfiction by Mari about herself. It also serves as a nice sequel to the movie! It introduces some new faces, like Daisy, Dusty, and more! Read it, you'll like it! Flik doll's Rating: ****
Behind the Bug A biography of my wonderful self. :) It's all about me and Atta growing up, as well as some stuff about Hopper. Author: Mari Flik doll's Rating: **
Till Death to us Part A really weird story about how I died, went to the afterlife and returned to earth again. Sent in by Daisy! Flik doll's Rating: **

Letters of the Renegade Fox The story of Reynard and his past, written as a letter to Mari!! Author: Mari Flik Doll's Rating: *** Nicely written! Somewhat long.
Lavender is Blue A story about a young girl ant who discovers a talent and helps save a friend. Author: Mari Flik Doll's rating: *** Not too long.

The One and OnlyManny's story! Wow. Ever wonder how Manny became a magician? How he met Gypsy? Then read this and find out!! Author: Christina "Ax"

Gotta story? I really like some more fanfics up here. I know you're out there! Email it to I'll be super glad to put them up! don't for get to mention if ya want your story rated by the picky Flik Doll! :)