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Mari's Spirit Page

Hello and welcome to my spirit page. This is a little side page of my site dedicated to my Catholic faith. I don't wish to convert or insult you, this page was created for good.

The Greatest act of love, is giving your life for a friend ~Jesus
Spiritual Exercises
Here is some quick things you can do to know Jesus better.

  1. Write a letter. That's right. Grab a piece of paper and write on it anything that you would tell a good friend, ask questions, or ask for something. After a few days read it again. Did any of your questions get answered?
  2. Pray. Just plain talk out loud like you were talking to a friend. It may sound stupid and feel like you are talking to the wall. But be still and think of nothing and be silent to listen. Usually something will pop into your mind. God uses our imaginations to 'speak' to us.
  3. Rosary is very good! I've felt a lot praying the Rosary. Mary is our mother, ask her for help to know Jesus better. Then pray a decade. If you don't know how to pray a rosary Click here and I'll tell you how.
  4. Ask the Saints to pray for you. That's what they do best. We don't worship them like some people think! No way! Only worship God. Look up your name, maybe you were named after a Saint. Find a favorite. Mine are St. Frances of Assisi, St. Carherine of Siena, St. Cecilia, and St. Peter.
  5. Find a good prayer buddie! Find someone to pray for And will pray for you too. A relationship like this is sooo wonderful. I'd be glad to be anyone's Prayer buddie.
  6. Check out Catholic or Christian sites. Listen to Christian radio, some songs are really cool, but that is a matter of taste.
  7. Read the Bible. Say a prayer for help then just open it to a random page and read. Cool stuff may pop out!
  8. Join a Youth Group. That's the best thing you can do! Get support for your faith! If you don't join a Youth Group, then at least hang out with some friends with common faith. ;)

Intentions There is always something to pray for. Please, this time: Pray for peace in the Middle East.