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Willow's Characters

Willow is interesting I must say. She's about 17 years old and already has experienced a lot! Willow is a light blue color with pretty blue eyes. She has sort of a stringy type build but no matter. She is Shine's friend from the colony under a revolution. She too is a refugee in Bug City. Her hobbies are taking notes, sketching, and trying to survive. Willow's site is Willow's Page of Bugginess(picture by Shine) Flik Guess what! Willow is also your favorite blue ant FLIK!! Yep, he is her feature character. Flik's describes himself in my interview section. ;D
Scotch, Mari, and Anshu Here we have Scotch the grasshopper, Cruize's arch-nemisis. He is a slaver by trade and a brutal bug. He lost his upper left arm in an accident several years ago.(yes, i know I drew the wrong arm ;)) Barely in his twenties this mean-hearted, grey-eyed grasshopper has become fairly well-known and dangerous.
Quatre Here's one of the infamous Gundam Grasshoppers whose name I know! This is Quatre, supposedly a grasshopper from a wealthy family. That's all I know.