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Tilly's Characters
Tilly Ant

This is Tilly. I've known her since I first joined the MUCK. Her and that infamous Life sized Flik plushie that she hits everyone with. ;) (It's like being christened onto the MUCK). Tilly is about 16 years old, with a powder blue exoskeleton dotted with fading freckles. She is very shy around strangers but once you know her you find out that she is very adventurous and fun. Recently, she's been traveling around with her refugee friends Willow, Shine, and Mazin...who is nobody's friend. 9.9 (pic by Shine)

Like most players on the MUCK, Tilly has many many other characters. She is also Paco the mosquito.

I promised I wouldn't put his picture up but this is Dave the Foley Clone. Tilly's best coffee drinking friend. Based off the genetical make up of Dave Foley the voice of Flik. Dave is the unknown success of the Human Cloning project here on the MUCK. ;D Good work Tilly! Dave is listed here because he's very important to the MUCK.