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Movie Stars

Flik Flik

Hi there! My name is Flik, I was the main character in the movie "A Bug's Life". I'm really an energetic fellow, a bit naive, but I'm young at heart. I like building inventions and thinking of new ways to help the colony, especially if it impresses Atta. *snigger* Most of the other colonists think I'm obnoxious and a big trouble-maker. Ya make one mistake and they brand you for life! Well, thanks for stopping by my humble abode.


Hello, I'm Queen Atta. I was the main female role in the movie. I was the queen in training on the hill. Basically, it was my job to keep the colony together and working while Flik messes everything up. What's worse is I like him. >.< Yeah he's annoying, but there's something about his smile and shy, discreet way of courting. *sigh* Oh...I gotta get back to work. Queen's job is never done!



Hi! I'm Princess Dot, you can just call me Dot! I was the little princess who was trying so hard to learn how to fly. I'm Atta's sister and Flik's good buddy! It's really fun being a Princess. Except some ants still don't gimme any respect. *grimaces at the two pesky boy ants* But anyway...nothing much to do 'round my place...I think I'll go prank Atta. Bye now!

The Queen

Atta and Dot's mother and the current ruler of Ant Island. The queen is lively, calm, and cheerful, trying to prepare Atta to take her place as Queen.

HI! I'm Frances the ladybug. I was a clown in the circus and the short tempered lady bug who was often mistaken for a lady! *sarcastic laugh* That jokes gotten old over the years. You dunno how much that bugs me. *groans* Sorry bout that pun. Ahh! Well, I'm going out. Stop by again sometime!

Hello,I'm Slim, the elegant walking stick who was a circus prop/clown. Basically a comedy releif. ;) However, I'm glad you stopped for a visit! I enjoy a good Shakespear play, don't you? I am very into drama. It's just my thing...I only need to be discovered. Then, will I skyrocket! To the theatre!!

Hello, I'm Rosie, the beetle tamer and kind black widow spider. I don't often get visitors. I'm a very social bug. I'm not home very often. I like going to parties and meeting other bugs. It's just so fun! Only thing I object to is male black widows. >=( They just irritate me so...I just wanna kill 'em!! Oh you have to go now. See again sometime!
I am Gypsy,the gypsy moth who was the magician's assistant and wife. Life at home is much more my style. Although performing is fun, it does get dull after awhile. However, it keeps Manny happy that I perform with him. He needs my support sometimes. *sigh* I also like children. They're just so cute!! Well, stop by again soon!

I'm a praying mantis, you may call me Manny. I played the magician of the circus. Major Manny to the ants. Formally, I'm known as Manto the Magnificent!! It pleases me you've stopped by for a little chat. However, I'm a little busy right now preparing for a new magic trick. It's a bit messy and dangerous. So, Cheerio!

Hello! I'm Dim the big beetle. huh huh! I was the wild beetle/helicopter bug. I really like people visiting me. It's fun! If you like I can take you for a ride sometime!! It's a thrill! I really don't have much to do at my house, so maybe we can meet outside one day.
Tuck and RollTuck and Roll
(Tuck)You first Roll. (Roll) No, no after you dear brother...(Tuck) Alright. Roll and I are the Ukranian roly polies as we're commonly called. We were the circus acrobats and a comedy relief. Your turn Roll. Hmm we could do some tricks for you. But this room is too small. (Tuck) No it's not. (Roll) Yes it is. (Tuck) ARRRR! *Tuck and Roll fight on the floor*.
I'm the chubby Bavarian caterpillar who dreams of becoming a butterfly. I was a circus clown with a big appitite! Now I am a butterfly! See mein beautiful wings! Now I can fly! See? *Heimliech flaps wings furiously, but doesn't budge* Whew! Flying makes me hungry. Time for a snack! See you later!