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Shine's Characters


This is Shine the ant! She's a 13 year old ant from a colony that is currently under a revolution. She has a blueish-purple exoskeleton and blue eyes. Tiny freckles appear on her nose. She was forced to run away from her colony because of the revolution and is presently a refugee in Bug City with her friend Willow and brother Mazin. In the city she picked up another friend, Tito the hyper-active aphid. (Picture by Shine)

Mazin Ok, Mazin is Shine's thick-headed, jerk of a brother. ^.^ He's greyish in color patched here and there with dark splotches (I love that word). He too has escaped from the rioting colony with his sister. Unfortunately, he doesn't get along with her at all. His ego is really big and he's very proud which in turn leads him to do really dumb things like robbing a pet store. It is safe to assume that poor around 17 year old Mazin is slightly going insane. ;D (Picture by Shine)
Cruize the mean Hey it's Cruize!! Daisy's new friend! And a load of trouble he is! Cruize is a 16 year old dark blue ant with emerald green eyes and a nasty attitude problem. Short tempered, rude, and cold hearted sum up his character pretty well. However this is all on account of his past. Cruize has been orphaned twice and lost his beloved adopted sister Yvonne. Poor Mari had to feel the blunt of his anger. To find out more about dear Cruize, check out his history on Shine's site. (Picture by Shine) memory lock Shine has a wealth of other characters which I forget at the time being. =P One of them is a "Gundam Grasshopper",Trowa Barton and she is Cornelius and that's about it!