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Duo's Wall O' Shame II
By Duo!

Well, a new story has developed! We're adding to Mari's punishment by taking Quatre away from her! >=D It's cruel, but it had to be done. Cute background huh. ;) (Quatre) So you got some more dirt on Mari? (Duo) You bet man! It's awful...:D (Quatre) I don't mean to sound mean, but...let it roll Duo! (Duo) Okay, you asked for it!
Here's Quatre, playing with his doll house! *snicker*

Hey! I thought this was about Mari!

You thought wrong!

It just says, "Oh I'm so beautiful I just can't stop lookin' at myself!"

*sigh* I think I'll go shoot myself now.

Wait! It gets better!

Ohmyallah! My stove is on fire!

I thought you could cook!

I think you should stick to microwavin' for awhile Q-man.

Yeah....-.-* How embarassing.

Oh look! It's the PoPo! Looks like they got some game. *rawr* I think that female cop has the hots for that sleek dark guy.

Duo, you are appalling!

Man, whatta loser! He got caught! You shoulda learned from da mastah!

*puh* You?

Of course me! :) Who's the theif around here!?

(Quatre) So what about Mari? (Duo) Man, You're really bent on this revenge thing aren't you! *Evil eyes Duo* Alright! Don't lose your marbles!

I coulda danced all night! Hee hee! There goes Mari and Q-man again. Bust a move!

This better get better, or I may get angry at you. x.x

And Quatre lives in the playboy mansion!

WHAT! DUO!!!!!!

Peace out! A new chick moves into the hood. Nice tan skin, Arab costume, peace-lovin'. Man. Everything Q-man could want!

What kind of mean joke is this?

AWW! He likes her!

Duo this is going too far...

OW!!! *Howl* yeah Quatre, yeah Quatre. Woo! Action happens HERE!

I...I spoke too soon. You have 10 seconds to live Duo.

Quatre is da Man! It's been two days and his on his knees!

You're gonna have problems with your knees DUO!

*sob* Weddings make me. *snif* soo happy. *sniff* I'm so proud of you Quatre.

I'm so glad. I'm gonna go curl up in a corner and die now.

Duo, you said this was revenge. I didn't say ANYTHING! You assumed it was. I'm not responsible for your assumption. ;) Does Mari know about this page? I'm sure when she sees it...she'll cry. (from laughing). Well, at least Mari-sim won't put the moves on my-sim. Hee hee! My Duo-sim beat the crap outta your Quatre-sim. What? Duo-sim invited Quatre-sim over...just so he could beat him up. ^_^ Why do I bother hanging around you guys when all you do is mock me and tease me. I'm sorry Q-dude. I'll make it up to you some how. (Mari) Or I WILL! Mwahahahaha! Oh no! She saw the page! Yeah...Quatre you two-timing dog! My poor Mari-sim will be heartbroken. Oh darn huh. Well, guess Duo will just have to keep you satisfied. Until Reynard-sim comes to take her away. He wouldn't do that! *Mari and Quatre evil grin* Aw damn. -.-*