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The Prisons!

Welcome to the Prisons...I guess. Ummm, this is where the villians are. Good luck!


Let me outta here you stupid ants!! Hey you! gimme outta here. It's me Hopper, I'm the head of the Grasshopper gang. I need to get back! Come on, help a guy out won't ya. I'll make a deal with you. You can be Vice President of the gang if ya bust me outta here. Sound appealing? What? Wait, don't go! ARGH!



Hey...I didn't do nothing! I'm innocent I tell ya. Oh hi there. I'm Molt, Hopper's little brother. I was suppose to go with the circus but I ended up here somehow. Weird huh? I'm sure things will straighten out. Maybe you could get P.T. to help me out.


ARAHGHHATPA!! GRAAAAAASSSHHH! HREEEBS! (He's the insane guy...remember? *snap*)