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The Movie Storyline: A Bug's Life is the epic of minature proportions! It follows the story of a brave little ant, Flik, and how he saves his colony from a ruthless, greedy gang of g'hoppers. Year after year, the Ant Island Colony has to collect food to offer the Grasshoppers before fall comes. This year, Flik tries to make the harvest go faster with his new invention. The council is not convinced with this klutzy ant's ideas, which get him into more trouble than he bargains for. Flik's invention topples the harvest into the river bed right before the grasshoppers arrive. Hopper, the leader of the gang, demands twice the food than before.

With Fall around the corner and food scarce, the ants are in a panic to gather enough food. Princess Atta and the council try to form a solution, by getting Flik out of the way before he causes more damage. Flik ventures out to find bigger bugs to help them fight. What he finds instead are a bunch of lousy circus performers. Under the idea that the circus bugs are really warriors, the plot thickens. The "warriors" are in no way capable of fighting off Grasshoppers. Flik will be in deep trouble if Atta finds out he messed up...again.

Flik struggles to keep the true idenity of the circus bugs a secret. But as time goes on it becomes harder to cover up. Flik thinks of another plan to build a bird to scare the grasshoppers away, since Hopper's afraid of birds. With the bird complete, the circus is a secret, and Flik starting to fall in love with Atta things really get out of hand when P.T. Flea, the owner of the circus, shows up looking for his performers.

Atta gets really upset. They don't have any food for the grasshoppers, no warriors and Flik lied to her!! *gasp* So, she exiles Flik and her mother tells everyone to gather food quickly. However, there's not enough time. Hopper comes back and takes over the Island! Dot overhears Hopper's plot to kill the Queen and goes to tell Flik. The circus bugs and Flik band together to return to Ant Island and save today.