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All About Mari!

Name: Surprise's not really Mari Bonapart! It's Mary. My initials are MFS. I'm not really married. I'm so single. ;) Age: My birthday is 11-11-84. You do the math. You can also send cards. ;)
Interests: I like ABL, anime, art, cats, computers, movies, video games, and fantasy. Hopes/dreams: To be a Pixar and/or Disney animator.
Things you should know about me: I live in the United States, somewhere in the Midwest. I have two cats, Smokey and Whiskers. I am a Roman Catholic and I attend a Catholic High School. I'm a slow reader. guess you don't really need to know that. I like to babble as you can see. I can translate Latin, and speak English. I have 3 websites. One with my art, this one, and a really weird one that makes little to no sense at all. I really like Flik. I really like Gundam Wing. I'm 5'3" and weigh 99lbs. ;D Who is Mari? Mari is a Role Play Character that I created on 'A Bug's MUCK'. She was my first Mu* character ever! She was suppose to be exactly like me but as an ant of course. I almost named her Lily. O.O But I thought, hey I want her to be like me. I didn't want to use the name Mary. I just switched the y with an 'i'. In Latin Mari translates 'to the sea' and I guess it is also an oriental name. *shrug* I dunno. Ironically, Mari means husband in French!