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Dusty's Characters

Hey look! It's Dusty the ant! Dusty is a happy-go-lucky 15 year old ant with grey eyes and beige exoskeleton dotted with freckles. ^.^ He is rather glum when times are not good, but holds a rather obnoxious reputation if you ask around. ;D He is a caring and good friend, usually ready to lend a hand. He enjoys just plain having fun and playing around. His hobbies are reading (gasp no way!), writing, making up games and helping out in the colony.
Ivy Heh heh. Ivy is Dusty's female alt. She's a green eyed ant (thus her name) who is just another face in the crowd. But she dreams of something more.

Scorpio Alright! I have a pic, I just need to upload it! ;) Scorpio is a young male Yellow Jacket. :/ I don't know much about him...except he exsists. ^.^