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Me and my boss!
Infamous Flik Doll

Hello! This is it Folks. Let's wrap this sucker up!
Flik Doll's Joke that shouldn't be told but will be: What do you call it when 2 ants run off and get married?

Flik Doll's Word of the day: Whaaaag!

Mari's chocolate ratings: 1)You bring me a bar of chocolate, I'll like you.
2)A box of chocolates= a good friend
3)A box of chocolate and a rose= a better friend
4) A box of chocolates and a chocolate rose = Boyfriend ranking.
5) Chocolates and a kiss on the cheek = Serious relationship
6) Chocolates, a rose, and a kiss = You practically have proposed, prepare for commitment. :D
Exception: If you are French and give me a box of chocolates = skipped right to proposal of marriage! ^_^

Flik Doll's Punchline to the joke that shouldn't be told but was:
An Ant-elope!!!^_^
Flik Doll's Words of Wisdom!: Gimme Chocolate and nobody gets hurt! :D

Mari's Lyrical Memories: Song's that remind me of different characters!
Flik- "Sugar Sugar", "Workin' my way back to you babe"
Atta- "Dancin' Queen"
Flik & Atta- "Welcome to Miami" (lOng story with that one). "Better Shape Up" (Why is it always Oldies that remind me of these two. =D)
Dot- "If I were a butterfly"
Hopper- "Livin' la Vida Loca!" (Anything Latiny I guess. ;) It's the sombrero)
Mazin- "Smooth Criminal" (Cuz he really ain't)
Cruize- "Bent" (It sounds like him).
Daisy- "Bicycle Built for two" (Sorry)
Reynard- Oh ho ho ho! This'll be brutal. "How lovely to feel like a woman from Bye Bye Birdy!" *Reynard screams "WHAT?????"* Just kidding! ;D "Truly, Madly, Deeply" By Savage Garden. (Anything by Savage Garden actually. His voice is suppose to sound like that).
Shine- "Shine" my fave song by the Newsboys!!!!
Gypsy-"I love you Gypsy Woman"
Manny- "Do you believe in magic?"
That's all I've done so far. ;) I haven't bothered with the others. Or I don't remember. :P
Flik's Doll's Memory-Wow. This *is* it guys. After this I...I won't be writing to you. *sniffle sniffle sob* It's really sad, but called for unfortunatly. I have to spend more time with my family instead of this site. That's right, I'm retiring this page. I've really enjoyed all your emails that ppl have sent. Special thanks out to Shine, Basil, Tilly, Willow, and Daisy who supported me from the beginning. ^_^ You guys are a blessing! Thanks to Orange Dinsaur for taking over for me occasionally. Thanks to Reynard for putting up with me and letting me sneak into his wine cellar. *Blush* *Reynard Gasps "Id waz Yew all along!? Yew...yew...TRAITOR!!!!! Your 'ead will be my new bowling ball!" You bowl Reynard? o.O *grins* *Reynard sputters* *Mari Patpats Reynard* Anywho, Thanks to Mari for letting me have this page and taking lots of pictures. :) Thanks to Becky, Mari's assistant, who helped with all the pics. Thanks to my wife and Son for giving me their love. *mush mush mush* And finally Thank all of you! Please take a banner in memory of this page. *sniff sniff Wahhhh* *Flik Doll Cries* Bye bye!

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