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The Victims

ooo wow this is all I did...brief summary.
% of project completed...4%

Hazel- The main character. He's Flik's 18 year old son...he still lives at home (psst. Everyone laugh at him). His nickname is "Tatsumaki" which means "Tornado". He's called this because of his fast feet and temper. Hazel has a hard being understood at his colony.

Duo- Secondary character. Duo is Hazel's bestest-best friend. Also around 18. Duo is the younger of the two Sable twins. His older brother's name is Han. They are both on their own (unlike Mr. Macho Hazel *snicker*). Duo is a carefree, happy-go-lucky fellow. He loves to go daredeviling with Hazel.

Flik & Atta- semi-important characters. Hazel's mom and dad. Ya know 'em from the movie. ;)

Windy- another semi-important char. Windy is a member of the Scarlet Brass Gang. (creative title i just made up.) She's a bad guy. She's a creepy little theif and angry.

Red-another bad bad dude. Red is the leader of the Scarlet Brass Gang. He's a drug addict, killing maniac.

Well there are more characters that come in at part 2. But we'll wait till I've started posting part one eh. ;)