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Basil's Characters
Basil Harvestwatcher

Basil's appearance and personality seem to disguise his age of 23, looking more like a teenager, but the really doesn't matter to him. He's a rather narrow framed and, light beige in color and deep blue eyes. He's really a friendly guy, but hasn't had the best luck with securing a home. He was exiled from his first colony after having conflicts with the ants he was assigned to work with, one being the friend of the queens daughter. Recently he's been thrown into a terrible situation involving slavers, not knowing if he will ever get back to Ant Island. He's got a websit too at Basil's Place for ABM(Picture by: Shine) Holly> <p align= Holly is an attractive blue female ant, with forest green eyes. She shows an air of friendliness, but hides a deep secret, that Basil soon discovers involves what is called the ASTO. The ant slave trade organization. She came to Ant Island claiming refuge from slavers herself, only with the intent of rounding up colonists to protect her freedom! I'd keep an eye out for her!